• Niharika Kolte

Innovation can overtake Bitcoin

Long back in 2013, Charles Hoskinson predicted that Innovation can most likely overtake Bitcoin. Today, he is on the path of making his own prediction a reality by creating the Cardano network which is fully decentralized.

Cardano certainly has a lot of innovative things working in its favour to be on an upward growth trajectory since its launch. The technology is not only superior to many of its peers but it also has a very strong community backing.

Cardano focusses on decentralization and is working on the challenges posed to existing global financial systems. The Cardano development team are academicians and scientists who work closely with academia and get everything peer-reviewed.

Cardano is one of the preferred cryptocurrencies with long-lasting staying power. Its ADA coin sits comfortably in the top ten cryptocurrencies ranked by market capitalisation.

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