• Niharika Kolte

Cardano for Grandmas

Here's our humble attempt at simplifying the concept of Decentralization and throwing some light upon how Cardano is much better than Bitcoin.

Beauty of Cardano’s Decentralization
  • Win - win situation for both the holders of ADA and the OPERATORS as both get rewarded.

  • The amount of rewards that ADA holders get is proportional to the ADA they use to vote for the operator.

  • The UPPER LIMIT of the highest number votes that an operator can have is supposed to REDUCE every year as time progresses and price of the token goes up. When this upper limit of votes decreases, it allows scope for additional OPERATOS to come into the system.

Cardano’s decentralization:
  • Allows the the Poor but Popular to participate

  • Supports Geographical & Cultural Diversification

  • Provides opportunity to support a cause without any REAL donation

My Grandma and I love cardano more than anything else. Watch the video and tell us if your Grandma could understand more about Cardano and Decentralisation :)

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